Rock ‘N Roll Jamboree Results!


Happy Valentine’s Day, from Signature HealthCARE of Monroe County! Thank you again to everyone that helped with our Annual Rock ‘N Roll Jamboree in some way! Just a reminder that we were able to raise approximately $2,400 for Relay for Life and our Elder Vacation to Washington, D.C. with all of your help! As promised, here are the results from the event as well as some pictures! #SHCJOY #SignatureNation

The Valentine’s King is Dennis Gentry. The Valentine’s Queen is Leatha Bartley.

Wheelchair Race Winners:
1. Joan Spear
2. Brenda Trivett
3. Virginia Wilson

Walking Race Winners:
1. Dennis Gentry
2. Leatha Bartley
3. Joan Spear

Rocking Chair Race Winners:
1. Annie McLerran
2. Confidential per Patient Request
3. Tie -> Nella Stewart & Mary Wax