Nancy Green: Being Aunt Jemima, the Pancake Queen

Signature HealthCARE of Monroe County elders, stakeholders, and family members enjoyed a special performance by Debra Faulk today who was portraying Nancy Green aka Aunt Jemima! This Kentucky Chautauqua is an exclusive presentation of Kentucky Humanities, and this portrayal and performance of the life and story of Nancy Green/Aunt Jemima by Debra Faulk was astonishing! We also got to meet and play with her small dog named Chanel after the show! See below to read more of Nancy Green’s story!

Nancy Green became one of the first prosperous African American women in the U.S. She was born a slave in Montgomery, KY in 1834 but, once freed and employed as the Aunt Jemima spokeswoman, went on to gain financial independence few American Americans had at that time and used her wealth as a means to empower her community. She was particularly active in her church, leading missionary trips, investing in anti-poverty programs for African Americans, and advocating for equal rights.