Meschell Odle

On President day I was transferred to Singleton Health and Rehab for Rehabilitation for injuries I received in a serious vehicle accident.I was offered rehab at Skyline but I said No Thanks .
My dad was in Singlecar for rehab and was treated. Excellent.
Little did I know how great they really are.
Whether they where LPN.RN.or CNA.
I received the best care a nurse could provide.
Bailey went the extra mile my first night there getting my extreme pain under control.
CNA’s Timothy Rita and Maggie all went above and beyond what is expected of them
Ally (Miss Smiley ) as I called her was always smiling laughing making things so much better.
The truth is the whole Team was excellent. Management should be very proud of there staff.
C J head of Rehab Department should be very proud of her and her team
I have had therapy before but never did I laugh so much while working hard to get my strength back and walking.
All of you ate to be commended for the Excellent service you give to patients
God Bless All of you